Get off the couch! Chris Crowley & Dr. Jen Sacheck are coming to Lemuria!

A couple of years ago, as I turned 60-years-old, I wrote a blog about Chris Crowley’s Younger Next Year. I expressed how much I was affected by Chris’s lifestyle suggestions.

At 55, I had been jogging for 25 years, and my legs were nearing a running end. I didn’t want to give up that lifestyle, but that’s what I was facing. Chris’s younger book inspired me to find other exercise pleasures. I started more stretching and explored strength building. My biggest change was switching to stationary bike riding and not minding its boredom. I don’t watch television so getting into this exercise was a mental challenge. With enough diligence and practice, I’m now enjoying my jogging replacement. This pleasure has led to outside biking, enhanced by the convenience of the Ridgeland bike trails. My back and knees told me biking was my new path.

thinner this yearI’ve never met Chris or just been able to say thanks for sharing his helpful book about increasing your lifestyle pleasures. However, on February 6th, I will be able to thank him. After many requests to his publisher, Chris Crowley and Dr. Jen Sacheck will visit Jackson to discuss his new book Thinner This Year: A Diet and Exercise Program for Living Strong, Fit, and Sexy.

Chris Crowley and Jen SacheckI can’t share my excitement about Chris and Jen’s visit enough. If you haven’t found your Younger Next Year for men or Younger Next Year for Women, check them out. They might be good guides for your own lifestyle change.

Also, if your body is carrying a few extra pounds, consider Chris’s new book, Thinner This Year. Thinner is not really a diet book but a book for changing your lifestyle permanently. It will give you ideas on new ways to live happier and be more content with yourself as you age.

Chris Crowley and nutritionist Dr. Jen Sacheck will be signing and speaking at Lemuria at 5:00 & 5:30 on Wednesday, February 6th. Grab a friend or two and get ready for some no nonsense inspiration for better living! More details here.

Written by John

3 thoughts on “Get off the couch! Chris Crowley & Dr. Jen Sacheck are coming to Lemuria!”

  1. John, on your recommendation, I have started reading Younger Next Year (Women) and love the upbeat style of the authors. Also, there is so much hope in this book. I’ve been involved in a healthy eating course and have always exercised and was starting to feel like I was going down the slippery slope, in spite of all my efforts, to older age and decrepitude. These authors have said No, No, not necessary. That road doesn’t have to be slippery or scary and the emphasis is on exercise, not dieting but eating what we intuitively really know is good and delicious and healthy relationships or community. It’s a treasure because it addresses us senior citizens with loads of hope. Thank you for recommending this book.

  2. John, we were in Jackson over Christmas (sorry we missed you) and I rode the Ridgeland Trails with my nephew. Maybe we can ride together next trip!


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